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Home Solutions Direct is a full service real estate investment and development company located in Princeton, NJ. We specialize in developing, buying and selling solutions for builders, real estate investors, and home owners in our area. As such, we routinely partner with other developers and investors who need expertise, capital, or confidence in getting a deal done. Our diverse team of real estate experts have experience with all types of buying and selling scenarios, working to make every transaction simple and stress free for everyone.


We are also well versed in most types of property sales and are certain that we can come up with a solution for every seller, whether it be a traditional or creative selling solution. We have worked with the country’s largest affordable housing developers (Enterprise Community Partners, The Michael’s Group, Mission First) to help identify and co-develop affordable housing projects.

With a wealth of experience under our belts, our team and network of real estate experts have handled some of the most complicated real estate transactions on the market today. Whether you’re looking to develop, sell your existing investment property, develop an affordable housing  or buy one of ours, our goal is to make the buying and selling process an easy one. We will handle your transaction with the utmost professionalism and care.

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James P. Smollon

MDiv., MSW – Managing Partner

Jim Smollon has extensive experience in property acquisition, construction, and property management as he has purchased, developed, and managed over 400 commercial and residential properties.   Since 1998, Jim has been a full time real estate investor and in 2003 he founded Home Solutions Direct.  Jim has successfully managed dozens of development projects, managed hundreds of contractors, and has formed scores of professional relationships in the real estate profession and trades throughout the Northeast Corridor.  Jim is a highly-sought expert for professionals in the real estate industry, with a variety of expertise in the financial, transactional, physical, and management aspects of real estate.    Having studied at the graduate level at Princeton University, The University of Chicago, and Rutgers University.  Jim holds graduate degrees from Rutgers and Princeton Theological Seminary, and a professional writing certificate from The University of Chicago.  A perennial student, Jim stays abreast of the latest trends and strategies in the opportunistic profession of transactional distressed real estate.  He specializes in setting up seller financed transactions, asset protection, estate planning, and tax avoidance.  He regularly travels the country to attend seminars of the thought leaders in real estate trends and strategies.

Jim is founder and managing partner of Energy Conservation Consultants and Home Solutions Direct.  He has extensive business development experience in property acquisition, LEED certified construction, and green property management.  As passionate as he is about the environment, he is equally passionate about maximizing his investors’ returns.   He found he could combine the two passions by becoming an expert at “greening” buildings with geothermal, solar, insulation, and LED lighting.  A social activist and natural impact investor, Jim has syndicated over 50mm of private capital into green building and affordable housing and has worked with such distinguished affordable housing companies as Enterprise Community Partners, The Michael’s Group, and Mission First. Jim has recently joined forces with Pi Eco, an environmental company that specializes in turning plastic waste into clean, green, renewable fuels.  He and his HSD partner John Park have recently established one of the world’s first Plastic to Energy power plants outside of Seoul, Korea to assist The Republic of South Korea address its overwhelming plastic waste problem while simultaneously assisting them in getting off of nuclear power; a goal of the current administration.

Jim is co-founder, chairman of the board, and development director of Tabor House, Inc., a non-profit housing community that serves men in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.  He has recently formalized Tabor Development Corp. which is a work opportunity program focused on assisting men who are combating the opioid epidemic ravaging the region and country. He has been on the Grant Review Committee for The City of Trenton, has been licensed as a clinical social worker, mortgage broker, real estate agent, and has served on the pastoral care and counseling staff of several local churches.  Jim is the husband of author Anne M. Smollon, MSW and the father of three wonderful children – Leighann, Laura, and Daniel.

John K. Park

MBA, MA – Market and Financial Analyst/Asian Ambassador/Capital Manager

John Park earned an MA in Economics at Sungkyunkwan University and began his professional career at the Hyundai Group’s Research Institution as an economic analyst. Upon completion of his MBA at Rutgers University, he worked on Wall Street, executing hedging positions for his clients in the US futures and securities markets. In 2003, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by founding a California-based technology company, Ximeta, Inc. During this time there, he raised over $15 million in venture capital and effectively managed and utilized his company’s portfolio of patents.  In 2008, he went on to co-found IOCELL Networks, Corp and made the company profitable by 2010.

His entrepreneurial spirit and his passion to help others ultimately led John into the world of education. Currently, he manages an elite consulting and education preparation business, Honors Review, which has helped numerous students reach their academic goals and gain acceptance to America’s most prestigious institutions. His global experience and local US roots have made him an effective adviser for international families, students, and children who aspire to study in the US.  In association with his wife Grace and Jim Smollon, John has been developing a program called “Deep Roots” to assist foreign families who are moving to America.  The goal of the program is to provide support for a variety of challenging areas such as education, home buying, legal and accounting support, and social and geographical familiarization.  Having made the journey themselves, John and Grace understand the challenges families face.  Jim has been instrumental in establishing professional support networks to aid in the process. 


Deep Roots will continue to grow and develop as more and more families become involved.

With his expertise of serving international families, John has begun a real estate fund and has developed many student-housing and multi-family complexes in many developing markets in New Jersey. His dynamic experiences and tireless spirit provide him a wealth of insight and knowledge that enables him to help any client that seeks his services.

John and Grace have 8 children, 6 of whom they adopted and brought to America.  They are very involved in their church and its mission and their educational preparatory school has served hundreds of Chinese, Indian, Korean, and other international students.

John Kistler

Field Supervisor / Project Manager / Certified Home Inspector

John Kistler began his real estate career as an engineering and architectural intern with the international firm Turner Construction.  He went on to become an accomplished facilities and construction manager in Center City Philadelphia.  In this capacity, John oversaw the day to day operations of a 120-unit apartment complex, several commercial real estate developments, and a variety of scattered site townhouse projects throughout Center City.  John has worked successfully with architects, engineers, contractors, regulatory agencies, and owners in the completion of complex multi-faceted historical and high-rise renovations, multi-family, and single-family developments and commercial fit out projects in the urban and suburban environment. He is a seasoned and skilled real estate leasing and sales representative.

John has served as an owner’s representative in the roll out of national build programs for Aetna Primary Health, Mayfair Assisted Living, and Goddard Day Care.  In this capacity, he was retained to salvage and bring to completion distressed real estate projects, including a position with Scranton Craftsmen that involved complex site work on the Tobyhanna Army Depot and build projects for Auto Zone stores and WalMart.

As a business owner, John acquired a franchise license in 1998 from the world’s leading franchise manufacturer of print media. After 16 years of running and building his Minute Man Press, John successfully sold his award winning digital imaging business in 2014. In 2016 John was recruited by Home Solutions Direct to bring his skill set to manage projects and field operations in the acquisition and development of HSD projects. John is a certified American Home Inspector and is responsible for examining every prospective project HSD contemplates for acquisition.

John holds a graduate degree from Temple University with a concentration in international affairs and business management. He has three sons, Nicholas, Jackson and Little John.

Leighann Smollon

Realtor at Rentals Solutions Direct

Leighann Smollon grew up in the real estate industry, following in her dad’s footsteps.  She went on to successfully manage many corporate leases all before the age of 21.  Since then she went on to get her real estate license, specializing in FSBO properties, corporate leases, terms deals, and the lead buyer/seller agent for HomeSolutionsDirect.  Leighann’s ability to form long lasting relationships enabled her to develop a large network, including wholesalers, contractors, and investors.  Leighann connects her local and global network while utilizing effective marketing strategies from her education and prior experience in marketing and management.  As a marketing manager, she has worked in major cities spanning Miami to Los Angeles, connecting with some of the most high level brands and taking their businesses to the next level.  She performs in real estate with the same regard.  Leighann is at the forefront of the south Florida market, calling Fort Lauderdale home and working with Century 21 to find others' a place to call home. She understands firsthand what it’s like being new to an area and always seeks to make the transition smooth, easy, and fun. 

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