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Rent Your Space


We rent from property owners.... and to the public.

Rental Solutions Direct (RSD) provides solutions for your current predicament. Whether a homeowner/landlord wanting to create guaranteed monthly income or a corporate individual, vacation traveler, or digital nomad wanting to secure the perfect unit for a short or long term stay, RSD gets the job done fast and efficiently. 


Each guest is screened and every unit is professionally cleaned, inspected, and equipped to provide the most rewarding experience each and every time a property is rented, providing landlords the security they want and each guest a stay they will remember.  

All our properties are centrally located to make travel easy to enjoy Florida's stunning beaches and the big events Fort Lauderdale and Miami host annually, such as The Miami International Boat Show, the Miami Grand Prix, the Las Olas Art Fair, the Tortuga Music Festival, and the Stonewall Parade and Festival. 

We take your concerns, requirements, and needs seriously and honor your desire for smooth, easy, and reliable results.  RSD is available 24/7 via text or phone call to answer any question, concern, or need for an accommodation. 

Our goal is your praise.

Residential Buildings

For the traveler...

We want to help make your stay memorable. 

For the property owner...

We want to help you find great guests.

About Us

The story begins long ago with a baby born with a brain hemorrhage, a new mother worried about the future, and a devoted father determined to take good care of his family. And here we are today, 25 years later, working together, each contributing our unique skills to always provide solutions to the common problems that exist for homeowners, landlords, and now the travelers seeking the living situation that ideally suits them.  We know "feeling at home" is a feeling that can't be beat, and we aspire to provide every business executive, vacationer, and wandering nomad that feeling of being at home when they're away from home. 

Rental Solutions Direct is as determined to solve your rental needs as Home Solutions Direct has been at providing the creative solutions and outcomes homeowners have raved about for over 20 years.   



Leighann Smollon

Licensed real estate agent and leasing professional

(215) 478- 1475 

Anne Smollon

Leasing agent and office manager

(609) 610- 2026 

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